Misty Wilt
Owner + Designer, Misty Wilt Graphic Design LLC

Misty’s life has always been inspired and motivated by color, shape, and texture. An accomplished jewelry designer and painter as well as an award-winning graphic designer, Misty earned her BFA in Graphic Design at the prestigious Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. She shares her work at regional exhibitions and works with budding artists at her alma mater whenever she can.

As an intern at Bowhaus Design Group in Philadelphia, Misty honed many of the skills that made her a successful graphic designer for Snavely Associates, a nationally focused communications firm, where Misty worked for nine years before launching Misty Wilt Graphic Design in 2011.

Misty is as comfortable in a business environment as she is in the art world. She works alone or easily adapts to leading a team. Her clients are as varied as the colors on the spectrum. Misty Wilt Graphic Design is Misty’s way of fulfilling her vision. Now she’s ready to help you fulfill yours.